Sessions List

  1. Mass Chain (MC)

1.1 Origin, evolution, and Earth impact of coronal mass ejections
1.2 Origin, evolution, and Earth impact of high speed streams
1.3 Origin, evolution, and Earth impact of energetic particles from solar, magnetospheric and galactic sources

  1. Electromagnetic Chain (EC)

2.1 Long-term solar variability (magnetism, total irradiance, and spectral irradiance) and its impact on geospace and Earth
2.2 Origin of solar flares and their impact on Earth’s ionosphere/atmosphere

  1. Intra-Atmospheric Chain (IAC)

3.1 Geospace response to variability of the lower atmosphere
3.2 Long term variability of the whole atmosphere
3.3 Regional, hemispheric and inter-hemispheric couplings and transport in the atmosphere
3.4 Magnetosphere – Ionosphere – Thermosphere coupling in SC 24

  1. Special Topics (ST)

4.1 Long-term Sun-Earth-Climate chain
4.2 Space Weather
4.3 Will Cycle 25 be special?
4.4 New Missions (space, ground) for STP